What’s in a Name?

Been kind of a tough week so I thought I’d try to have some fun with this weeks blog.
If the following upsets some of you in anyway, either toughen up or relax. It is a hockey blog not Time Magazine……:)

“Hey coach, keep it clean!!!!!”
That’s what a ref yelled at me when a few weeks ago while I was coaching my mite team. Couldn’t figure out what I did wrong until I heard myself yell out the next line combination again, “Knipple, Buts, Godown….you’re up, Godown, Knipple, Buts….you’re up!!!!!” That’s right, I have three little players with the last names, Knipple, Godown and Butler…..Ooops. Not a good idea to have them on the same line.
So it got me thinking about great hockey names and some strange names that I played against over the years. I played against a Tom Sawyer, Paul Macartney, Phillip Collins, Jesse James, Jack Nickelson and Walt Kronkite…..no joke.
We decided to get together a list of some of the all time great hockey names. I have commented on some, but for some, nothing really needs to be said.
Here goes.
The All Spice Team
Herb Brooks
Basil McRae
Ryan Pepperall
Bob Dill
Bill Root
Brian Lavender
John Sorrel
Floyd Curry
Moose Sage

The All Exclamation Team
Brian Bellows
Kevin Haller
Harry Howell
Douf Mohns
Stephane Yelle

Some other dandies.
Jeff BeukeBOOM!!!!! (god he could hit!)
Miroslav Satan (Devilish)
Zdeno Ciger (smoking shot!)
Jim Carey (funny guy)
John Madden (loves football)
Jim Playfair (rarely did…)
Valerie Zelepukin ……say no more.
Darren Puppa……
Ron Tugnut (groin injury)
Steve Passmore (uh he was a goalie…)
Steve Lyon (had a huge red afro…)
Rich Parent (never paid for anything…)
Steve Heinz (wore #57)
Zarley Zalapski (just like that name)
Al Iafrate ( I was Iafrate of his slap shot!!!)
Adam Deadmarsh
Larry ‘Izzie’ Goodenough (obviously one of my favourites)
Martin St. Louis (of course plays in Tampa….)
Bruce Shoebottom (I would have felt like a heel if I forgot that one….)
Hakan Loob  (yuck!)
Frank Pieterangelo (the Apostle….I actually scored on him….)
Paul Tittman?
Jim Tittmore??
and finally…
Artem Chubarov
Johnny SanViagra
Paul Dyck
Harry Dyck
Dick Cockburn
Dick Duff
Cory Pecker ( a female commentator in Toronto actually used the line, “Pecker pokes it thru the five hole!!!” when doing highlights)

My two favorites, Bob Beers and former Canuck draft pick John Labatt.:)
If you have any other ones let me know!

The good news concerning my mite team is that next season we have two new players signing up. They are brothers, 5 yrs old and 6 years old, last name Johnson. That’s right, our team will now have a big Johnson and a little Johnson…..Let’s see how they fit in….:)

If you want more wacky hockey name fun, click on this link. (Grown ups only!)



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