Hey Coach Kerry………

Nothing serious about this blog this week.
This week I thought I would share some pretty funny lines from my mite team. We had a rough start to our year and lost more than our share of games but it turned out to be a great time and as the year went on I kept a log and saved the best 20 things I heard them say throughout the season.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

20. “Coach Kerry, why does Coach John’s breath smell funny???”
19. “I better get playing better or my mom is going to kill me……”
18. “If they score another goal, that will be two touchdowns…….”
17. “Dad, how did the guy who built the first clock know what time it was???”
16. “Coach Kerry, instead of practicing more why don’t we tell the other teams to stop practicing?”
15. “Coach Kerry, have you seen my jock?” ??????
14. “There is no way I was offside, I didn’t have the puck……”
13. “It is so cold I saw a Penguin walking out of the rink…….”
12. “Coach Kerry, if I score a goal will you take me to McDonalds?”
11. “Coach Kerry, did you have grey hair when you played for the Flyers???”
10. “My line-mates suck…….” (that one got addressed….:) )
9. “ Are we the home team or the road team??”
8. “this Helmut is ruining my hair.” (that’s right we had a little girl on the team…..)
7. “Liam is getting killed out there……” (Liam is our goalie….)
6. “Dad, I don’t get it…we play pretty good in practice…..”
5.  “Coach Kerry, we googled you last night……”
4. “if you get a penalty, that just means you are trying hard right???”
3. “we’re pretty good but these guys are really good!!!!!”
2. “next year when I am older I am going to stomp those guys…….”
1. “Coach Kerry, I think I pulled my Hand String………”

You gotta love hockey!!!!!

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