First Timers and Old Timers-One and the Same

Thank you to all the Philadelphia Flyer Alumni guys who took the time to get back to me and help me out with content for this week. Super guys and a phenomenal group to be associated with and as always, thanks to our Mite team.
It is a wonderful time of year. There is hockey everywhere. We are only weeks away from the Winter Classic game that is getting so much attention around this area and it seems like there are good NHL games on TV every night. With all the negative news recently in sports it is great to be in the heart of a hockey season.
While watching a Philadelphia Flyers game with my son Caden the other night I began to think of some other things to write about. Sitting there enjoying the game and his company, he asked me, “Dad, what do you miss most about hockey? Not like the guys you played with or the great fun you had and all that stuff I hear you talk about..…. What do you really miss about the actual game and playing??”
Wow. This from an eight year old. I had to think for a while and then I told him, “Cade, I just really miss the feeling of gliding along the ice at a speed I know I will never go again.”
Then like a normal parent, I turned the tables and asked him, “What do you love about playing hockey?” He said Dad, “I really love when I try to shoot the puck at a spot and it goes there….it feels great! …… and I love going to Chickie’s and Pete’s (our local sports bar) for chicken wings after practice….” Again, one of those moments that just made me smile for a long time.
I was so deep in thought after our little exchange. I had our two opinions but then felt the need to get more. I decided to ask my son’s Mite team the same question I asked him and ask my friends from the Philadelphia Flyers Alumni the same question he asked me. No one knew what I was doing or looking for, I just simply asked them to answer those questions.
Here are the results for you to enjoy. Remember some of these people are only separated by about 50 years…..But look at how close the answers are. I love it. I just took ten answers from each group and matched them up as best I could. The similarities are remarkable. It really is a great game.
Mite #1: “I like when the ice is all clean and we go out skating on it for the first time. We go fast…”
Flyer Alumni #1 Kevin Dineen: “There was always no better feeling than being the first guy on that clean smooth sheet of ice and having that building to yourself, just skating around and shooting pucks.”

Mite  #2: “I love it when a teammate passes to me and I score a goal……”
Flyer Alumni #2 Mark Freer: “I miss the tic tac toe of the puck in the games and practice.  There is nothing better than going down the ice in practice and zipping the puck around hard and fast hearing that smack as the puck goes from one stick to another.”

Mite #3: “l love right at the first faceoff when we are getting ready to play a game and it is exciting…..”
Flyer Alumni #3 Mark Howe and Chris Therien:
What I miss the most about playing is the energy that flows through your body as the national anthem is being sung and the building is coming alive. The anticipation and excitement of the contest ahead.” Mark Howe
“I really loved being at a faceoff and looking up realizing you we’re a member of the greatest league on the planet! The fans the scoreboard the noise….great feeling I truly miss!
Chris Therien

Mite 4: “I love going so fast on my skates…..”
Flyer Alumni #4 Kerry Huffman: “Cade, I just really miss the feeling of gliding along the ice at a speed I know I will never go again.”

Mite #5
: “I like when it is a close game and then we win…….”
Flyer Alumni #5 Keith Primeau:” I miss coming to the rink in the spring for playoff hockey.
I miss the feeling of a big win and celebrating with my teammates, the close ones were the best”

Mite #6: “I love it when we score more goals than the other team and then we end up winning, it is awesome….”
Flyer Alumni #6 Bill Clement: “I actually miss the feeling of exhaustion after a shift. Also after a game, but only when we won. That feeling wasn’t any good after a loss.”
Mite #7: “it is fun to see us play really good… we were taught…..”
Flyer Alumni #7 Keith Jones:
I miss my seat in the middle of the bench. Sad that I’ll never to be able to purchase a seat with such a great view!!!!”
Mite #8: “What I love about hockey is standing in front of Sydney, our goalie, like coach Kerry told me to and blocking a shot by the other team, popping it off the boards to one of my teammates who take it up the ice and score.  The team gets a goal and I get an assist”!!
Flyer Alumni #8 Reggie Leach:
The most I miss about playing is getting a great pass from Bobby Clarke and letting a slap shot go from top of circle hitting the far corner of the net. Great assist, great goal…”
Mite #9: “I love scoring goals!!!!!
Flyer Alumni #9 Brian Propp: “I miss the excitement of scoring goals and doing the “Guffaw”.  I miss the intensity of playing playoff hockey and the focus on every game for the ultimate goal of the Stanley Cup.
I saved the best one for last.


Mite #10: “We do cool things on the weekend, sometimes after hockey we go to McDonalds!!!”
Flyer Alumni #10 Ed Hospodar: “I loved traveling and being with my Dad on game day. Yep, my Dad that’s what I loved and miss most about not playing hockey. Time with my Dad and having him watch me.”

Me too Ed.

Well said guys! Both teams!!!!!

All hockey players age but their hearts remain young……. and sometimes blogs write themselves….

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