Welcome to the Dman Summit Club.
Why Summit? I look at playing the position of Defense as an expedition. Players have to climb the mountain and work hard in certain areas to reach the summit of Dman play. Every day you work a little harder, learn a little more and step by step you work your way to the top. My goal is to just be one of your guides along the way.
I have or will be sending you info on how to join the group thru google groups. It is a very secure way to communicate and it is by invite only.
Each week on Mon. or Tues. there will be a new post. We are going to be covering a lot of stuff. Some of it might be boring or you may think it might not apply to you at this time but trust me, over a long period of time, a lot of the topics will relate to you at some point in your playing career.  I like to think of it like you are part of an online class. Don’t worry, there are no tests or exams but occasionally I might give you a little research to do.
Just remember that if you post or reply to me, it only goes to me and not to the group so it is all confidential and I will ask your permission to post anything to the entire group if I think it is relevant.
The other important thing is for you to be involved. I need feedback. I played a long time and at almost every level and have watched a lot of hockey in my life but by no means do I know everything or have experienced everything. We are all always growing, learning and improving. There are also things and opinions that I might express that you or one of your coaches do not agree with. That is fine too. I am very open to talking about Dman play with anyone and getting opinions from good sources. You don’t have to do a lot of homework but I ask that you reply to each week’s topic in some way. Liked it, hated it, whatever.
I also want to have some suggestions on topics or subjects you guys might want to cover. 50 weeks in a year gives us a lot of topics to cover and a lot of areas to work on and improve upon.
Finally guys, just remember that although I am older, I still feel and think like a Dman. I always will. The vast majority of players that I work with are Dmen. I look at it like we are part of a ‘special’ group! Remember. Goalies are crazy, forwards are glory mongers but Dmen are the pillars of the game! I look forward to working with you and remember, we work hard, we work smart and we work fun!
Kerry Huffman
Pulver Sports
Register or get more info at www.khhockey.comunder the Dman Summit Club tab.
Our Summer Dman Summit Club is tentatively set for Aug. 8-10that Wilkes Barre, PA.

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