Take The Time

Although it is early to be thinking about selecting people for next year’s teams, that time will be here before you know it. 

I love these words of wisdom from Coach Mike Krzyzewski that came from him during the period of him selecting the 2008 men’s basketball team that won the gold medal. Maybe we can all learn something from Coach K when picking a team or doing business….

Take The Time

“Take the time to choose your people. In doing so, be sure that you are asking the basic but most difficult questions. Let the answers to those questions guide the selections that you make.
Remember that choosing your people is the first decision you will make as a leader. Take the time to make it a good one. Great teams start with a base of talent but consist of a mixture of experienced people who bring instant credibility and institutional understanding, and young players who bring energy and keep you fresh. But be sure that all these individuals are united by a foundation of character that will make them want to give of themselves to be a part of something bigger.
In choosing your people, remember also that you are establishing the foundation for trusting relationships. Take the time to conduct personal interviews, face to face when possible. Lay everything on the line. Be forthright about what is expected, and don’t be afraid to let your people know a little about who you are and why you believe in the team cause. These initial meetings are the first indication of how your team members will communicate with one another.

Leaders sometimes get caught up too early in what the mission will be. And the mission is crucially important. But your team’s people are the ones who are going to accomplish that mission. Before you get into the details of your strategy, your X’s and O’s, you have to decide who is the X and who is the O.”

All the best!!

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