Think Like A Seal

I recently read some great material on The Navy Seals. Thought I would share some of the passages from the writings of David Rutherford. Not exactly about hockey but if an attitude like this is good for the SEALS then it is good enough for us.

David Rutherford is a Navy Seal and Behavior Training Specialist who served as an operator and instructor during his time with the Seals and participated in clandestine operations in the Middle East,  South Asia and Southeast Asia. Getting a brief glimpse into the minds of people that can and have operated at that high a level can shed some light on how to face any challenge. 

  • “Making it through Hellweek was one of the greatest accomplishments in my life. The experience radically altered my perspective on the importance of having a positive attitude. In case you aren’t familiar with the details of Hellweek, allow me to explain. Hellweek is a 5 day ultra-evolution in Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training that lasts from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon. During this ultra-evolution, trainees sleep for about 4 hours total, burn 7000 calories a day, run 4 mile timed beach runs, swim 2 mile timed ocean swims, conduct surf passage in giant surf and complete timed obstacle courses. Plus, they receive a constant hammering of mental and physical abuse from sadistic instructors…Imagine not sleeping for 5 straight days, suffering from complete sleep deprivation, hydrophobia and hallucinations, while trying to complete the normal and physical test of regular training while having to cognitively solve problems that have no real solutions from instructors who are trying to make you quit…..This seemingly insane gut-check is the ultimate gateway for the SEAL community.”
  • “….For 5 days we were beaten down and forced to test our intestinal fortitude. The instructors had to strip us of any previously learned cognitive or emotional limitations. It is critical to the success of the SEALS to filter out those individuals who lack the Self-Confidence to endure Hellweek…….”

  • “Our camaraderie and ability to convert a potentially debilitating situation into a positive one by simply using laughter and maintaining a positive attitude was just what we all needed to endure the next 24 hours of training ….”
  • “By Friday we entered the SEAL Zone. Our individual Self-Confidence was completely redefined and our commitment to each other made unbreakable. When we finally reached the infamous Demo Pit, our new attributes had been forged. There was nothing we couldn’t do, alone or as a team. Hellweek SECURED!”
  • “I truly understood that I could accomplish anything I wanted as long as I put the full force of my heart and mind behind my effort. Unbreakable Self-Confidence and an impenetrable positive attitude were the essential tools I used to finish Hellweek. This was quite a discovery because once you truly understand you have these abilities; there are no more excuses in your life.”
  • “When I was secured from Hellweek, that childlike ability to recognize my potential possibility was reignited in my soul. I knew that whatever I set my mind too was possible if I wholly committed myself to the task and accepted the fact that hard work is part of reaching any dream. I also realized that I was capable of so much more than I had ever imagined. My mind’s inhibition was causing fear that overwhelmed my heart’s desire. I made it through Hellweek because I anchored my heart to my mind.”
  • “Find your passion or dream and anchor it to your understanding of the incredible effort it is going to take to achieve mission success. This pure rational emotion will fuel your positive attitude like you have never felt before. This burning feeling will lift you out of the abyss of negativity you’re drowning in and set you on a course to achieving total mission success.”

David Rutherford

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