Middle of June. Great time of year!

What I wanted to do this week was just to send out a little checklist that hopefully serves as a tool to help you out with your off-season preparation. I think if you work through this list and be honest with yourself, you can get a good feel for if you are preparing well. This is just something I will send out again in July and August to help guide you. There are only five areas I want you to focus on for now.

If you need help in any of these areas just ask for advice on finding experts in each field that can help you.

Remember, there are things in the game of hockey you can’t control. But you owe it to yourself to be honest and make sure you are working on the things that you can control.

  1. Physical Training– Is your program working for you? Are you training properly? Do you need a second opinion to make sure? Are you working with the best possible trainer who has a proven track record? Are you seeing results?
  2. Mental Training- What are you doing to develop your mental toughness and mental preparedness? Have you contacted a Coach that specializes in the field. This is the most commonly neglected area and probably the most important area for young players to develop. If you are doing nothing you are wasting a huge opportunity to become a better player. ex.
  3. Nutrition– Have you consulted a nutritionist to maximize your results? You will see all kinds of progress in all areas if you have this area mastered. Very few people do. Work at it! ex.
  4. Summer Reading– Have you committed to read any of the suggested summer reading that was posted in the previous blog? Easy way to become better. If you need any more ideas please contact me. CLICK HERE
  5. Family and Friends– Are you being a good family member and friend? Hockey is important but not the most important. Be committed to spending fun, quality time with the people that mean the most to you. Have a great balance between the hard work of training and preparing and taking some time to enjoy life and recharge your battery.

Nobody can do this for you. It is up to you. It is about how bad you want it. Just know that there are very talented hockey players out there that are working on all these areas as you read this.
If you need guidance or ideas concerning any of the first four areas I encourage you to contact me. The fifth area is the one that only you are the expert in.

Have a great week!

“There come times during the season that Hockey will ask you what you did last June and July……”