Love, Serve, Care

This is a great new post by writer Jon Gordon that I really wanted to share. Whether coaching Mites or Pros, this philosophy remains true for all.
Hope you enjoy!

Love, Serve, Care

By Jon Gordon

When I’m asked what someone can do to be a leader I tell them to love, serve and care and positively influence the people around them.

A great example of this is Ken Crenshaw, the head athletic trainer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Most people outside the building wouldn’t know who he is but if you asked the team who’s one of the most influential people in the building they would say Ken Crenshaw. He helps players recover from injuries, listens to their personal and professional challenges, shares advice and frequently hands out inspirational books (some of mine) to encourage his players. He’s part trainer, part psychologist, part librarian and 100% leader.

I saw his influence first hand while visiting him at the Diamondbacks spring training facility the other day. As he showed me around, I met player after player who had read The Carpenter or Training Camp because Ken gave them a copy and encouraged them to read it. They didn’t know me from Adam. But they knew Ken and trusted him because he loves, serves and cares.

I wasn’t supposed to speak to the team but that happened too because Ken recommended it to the new manager, and even though he had never heard of me, he trusted Ken’s suggestion.

Regardless of your profession or level within an organization I want you to know that you don’t need a title to be a leader. You don’t need a job description, fancy suit or a corner office. You simply need to love, serve and care to influence the people around you and your influence will grow.

Many people say to focus on growing your business and career. But I say to focus on loving, serving and caring and your business and career will grow exponentially. Focus on loving, serving and caring one person at a time and people will be drawn to you and your business, service, school, class, project, hospital, etc.

Do this day in and day out, one person at a time and the impact you have and the legacy you leave will be amazing. You won’t just experience success for yourself. You will be a true success by helping others be successful.


Best wishes for a successful finish to the season.
Coach Huff