Like A Dog

Until we meet again.

This will be my last blog post for a while. Hockey is going to get started again soon and focus is about to shift.

I loved writing them all. These small musings were my therapy sessions helping me through challenging times. If you got pulled in to read them, thank you for coming along.

This is a good time to escape.
Escape what’s on TV.
Escape what’s happening all around the nation.

The world feels like one big fire hydrant….

My goal is to make you feel good with this post. Time to get a little sappy.

So here goes.

Over the last few years I’ve heard the term ‘Like A Dog’ used in a very negative way. Sometimes by people in very powerful leadership positions. The term is used too much. In the wrong way.
The negative connotation is a mistake.

A dog makes a house a home.

We are all praying that things settle down. We all want society to get back to some kind of normal. Everyone wants that.

But I know two souls very well who don’t want that entirely.

Our two dogs Molly and Toby.

One of the greatest joys during these challenging times was to experience them fully.

They forced me think about unconditional love.
Just what we hockey coaches are all very comfortable with discussing….but here goes.

I would guess that Toby is a staunch Republican. Molly is a central to left leaning Democratic….but over these couple of months that divide never came up.
This blog has never ventured into politics that much nor did they during this pandemic. That was a lesson in itself.

What did come up was their concern for:

Their number of walks….
Their number of treats….
Their amount of fetch time…
And most importantly, the number of times they could place a soft head on your arm….when you were feeling down.
The worse the news got…..the closer they got.
Time after time, whenever someone in our home was down, I swear the dogs went to them. They sensed discomfort. They went to check in and be there for them. Offering up a warm heart.

My dogs made me realize that we two-legged folk don’t show that unconditional love enough to each other. Now more than ever we should learn from them.

Work is going to start again…hockey is going to start again….but did we learn to love better during all this???
Like a dog?

I hope so.

Our furry souls don’t want this time to end. They love being close.

As bad as it has been, maybe parts of it shouldn’t end.
Moving forward maybe we need to learn to slow down, look at life, and see more love.
Right at your feet.

Our dogs will be here when hockey and work starts again, but right now they don’t want us to forget this time.
To forget to cherish the limited time we have together.
To take things for granted.
To forget that a game of fetch is more than bringing back the ball.
It’s about bringing back the love.

When my dogs look at me I can tell that they know the inevitable is coming. Normal at some point will return to their world.
Their eyes also tell me that when it does, they want us to stay safe. To get going with ‘dogged’ determination.
Their eyes also tell me that they hope I learned from all this.

That I learned to live better.
To be closer.
To love better….
To act a bit more……. ‘Like a dog’…..

Thank you all for the kind words and the feedback you gave me on my writing during these few weeks. The positive feedback was dog on good! It meant a lot and helped me a great deal.

I know there wasn’t a whole lot of hockey content. But that’s ok. Hockey’s coming back! Better than ever.

Until we blog again…

Thank you.

Coach Huff