Right On Time

I took all the sunshine and rain,
All my happiness and all my pain,
The dark evening stars
And the morning sky of blue,
And I sent it in my letter to you
Letter To You
Bruce Springsteen

This blog post is more of a check in than anything else. I’ve continued to write to help me get through these days but have not posted much over the last few months.
It felt like a good week to send this ‘letter’ to you.

Last April I wrote a blog When Skies Are Blue, and got some really nice feedback. I tried to capture some shred of optimism knowing that long months were probably ahead for everyone. I was right. Little did I know that eight months later we would still be waiting on that rainbow.
In that same spirit I thought I’d try for the optimism thread again. This is not to downplay the challenging weeks and months ahead. It will be tough. Nor is it to dismiss the incomprehensible loss of life, sickness and financial hardship that has occurred. But for now, I’m striving for a small bit of positivity. My goal writing this is to give some cause for hope.

Thanksgiving is right on time.

This Thanksgiving will be different. Just like everything else has been this year. Dinners will be smaller. Visitors will be fewer. The football games we watch will have few if any fans.
Thanksgiving is always a time for friends and family, but also, of course, a time to give thanks.
This is much more challenging this year….. but not impossible.
The pandemic has given us the opportunity to take time and evaluate our lives. How we live, how we work, how we travel, how we nurture our relationships.
The nation has gone through so many challenges with COVID. On top of that it endured a emotionally charged election season. It is ready for some peace.

Thanksgiving is right on time.

Recently, over some socially-distanced driveway libations, I asked a few of my friends this question.
“What, if anything, positive came about because of Covid?”
After months of hearing about how terrible things have been, I was so uplifted and encouraged by their answers:

I spent time with new friends
I spent more time with my 1 year old than I ever would have
I got myself in shape
Springsteen put out his best music in thirty years……
-I thought long and hard about my career
-I helped my son prepare for college
-I became closer with my entire family

The list went on and on. It was awesome to hear.

Thanksgiving….right on time.

So, what does the future hold? Who knows?
We are in no way out of the woods. There is still a lot of pain and discomfort ahead. However, I am encouraged by the news of the new vaccines and therapeutics.
Hockey, sports and life will be back in a safe fashion at some point.
Some say the good thing about crises is that they are also an opportunity to reinvent themselves.
To do things differently.
If we remember this when we can embrace our loved ones again, we may be a little happier after the crisis than before.

Things can be even better.

Let’s not forget that the pandemic of 1918 was followed by the Roaring 20s.

Skies may not be blue yet….
but every so often a clear sliver pierces the clouds.

Thanksgiving is right on time…….

and the rainbow is coming.

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!! Stay safe. Mask up.