Wave Length

This blog is dedicated to Paul.

One of the benefits of this time we are going through is having more time to exercise.
Running is something I’ve always loved and now have been able to do more of it.

Recently on a run, I noticed something different.
Normally cars driving by would pass or rush by. Now so many people are slowing down a bit and actually…….. waving.

I thought I was imagining it at first. It was my mind playing tricks during this wacky time. But as the days have passed and the runs have added up, I am certain that people are actually waving a lot more.
I like it.

Having some time on my hands, I did some quick reading on waving and what it means.
There are many theories on the origins and purpose of it. The common threads are that humans want and need connection and waving is a way to do that. Even when forced to stay at length.
Waving is a sign of connection.
It is a sign of acknowledgement.
It can be a sign of peace.
It can be a sign of shared pain….. or of shared hope.
It can mean goodbye. It can mean hello.
It can mean you are on a shared frequency with someone. (hence, Wave frequency).
Waving says, for a brief moment, we are together on this planet. We recognize each other as fellow travelers in life.

Maybe during this time we are needing that connection more than ever.
Maybe we want to feel better.
Maybe we are longing to be on the same wave length as people.

There is an older man who lives up the street from me. I had never met him. I thought he was very private and wanted to be left alone.
For years when I was out on a run I would see him drive by me and we would casually glance at each other. Two weeks ago he too slowed down and to my surprise, waved to me. I waved back.

Yesterday he passed me on the other side of the street and the same exchange of waves happened.
Then he suddenly stopped, rolled down the window, and said, “Hello, I’m Paul. How are you guys doing in this crazy time???”

I realized we’re doing better………much better.

Thanks Paul.